Close-up of a leaf

Portrait: Jeanette Miriam Lorenz
“Quantum computing is a bit like looking for the Holy Grail”

Anna Sophie Kreipp
Anna-Sophie Kreipp
Quantum computing / Fraunhofer IKS
Quantum computing

EAI IC4S: Fraunhofer IKS wins Best Paper Award

Hans thomas hengl
Hans-Thomas Hengl
Safety engineering / Fraunhofer IKS
Safety engineering
Mobile robots in a warehouse

Interview with Florian Wörter
“ResilientSOA makes both new and existing systems safe”

Hans thomas hengl
Hans-Thomas Hengl
Autonomous driving / Fraunhofer IKS
Autonomous driving
Cars on the production line

Industry 4.0
Turbocharging artificial intelligence in production

Hoai My Van
Hoai My Van
Industry 4.0 / Fraunhofer IKS
Industry 4.0


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