Karsten Roscher

Dipl.-Inf. Dipl.-Ing.

Karsten Roscher

Departement Head Dependable Perception & Imaging

Karsten Roscher studied computer science and electrical engineering at Ilmenau University of Technology. After graduating, he initially worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems and Communication Technology ESK in the field of networked mobility with a research focus on reliable real-time communication in highly dynamic networks based on machine learning.

Since 2020, he has headed the Dependable Perception & Imaging department at Fraunhofer IKS, which focuses primarily on how machine learning can be made reliable, trustworthy, and usable for critical applications in image processing.

His research focuses on combining robust learning methods that lead to reliable models even with small amounts of data with runtime monitoring approaches to "teach the AI models to doubt".